Mobile Text

There are over 321 Million cell phones subscriptions in use in the U.S. today (2012). All your customers have cell phones, so why not use low cost texting to reach them?


Compared with email, text marketing is twenty times more effective. Benefits of text marketing include:

    • 96% of text messages are opened and read within 10 minutes
    • Allows your business to reach your customers almost instantly
    • Lets you send coupons and other incentives to all your customers at the same time and bring in instant foot traffic to your store or website
    • Can also be used as appointment reminders, or to alert your customers of special events
    • Super low costs – especially when compared to other marketing and advertising methods

You get your very own text keyword specifically for your business, along with a special text number. For example, if you are a car wash, you could get the keyword ‘cleanme’. You then tell your customers to send the text CLEANME to a number and they will get a coupon for $4 off their next wash, as well as future alerts and promotions that you send out! By offering a coupon for signing up, you grow your text marketing list.

Once you have a list of 50, 100, even 300 customers, and you send out a text message to your list, approximately 20% on average will respond. That means if you are a restaurant and having a slow day you can send out your text coupon in the morning to 300 people and at lunch approximately 60 people extra will show up! An example text coupon might be ‘get a free appetizer with any entree, just show this text, expires today at 3 pm’. Text messages can also be sent out to your customers about special events, special sales, new products, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Other Industry Examples:

    • Automotive Dealer Car Info
    • Automotive Dealer Service Specials
    • Grocery store specials
    • Pizza or Restaurant Coupons / Specials
    • Car Wash Coupons
    • Retail store coupons
    • Salon coupons
    • Announcements / Weather Closings

Want to see a demo of our text marketing system in action? Simply text the word TEXTINGDEMO to 72727 and see the demo live. Or simply enter your info below: