Other Services

In addition to Local Search Marketing, Reputation Management, Mobile Website Creation, and Text Marketing, we also offer the following additional services in order to help your business get more customers.

Social Media Management

We can manage one or your entire social media presence. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Google, to Linkedin, we will manage each network. We do this by making regular posts, interacting with posts, engaging new customers, and promoting your business through these channels. This is often a big time and money saver as most companies will have to dedicate an employee to do this for many hours each day. But with our social media management, we can manage one or all your social media outlets for much lower cost.

Video Creation and Marketing

Are you using video on your website or in your marketing campaigns? Your competition is! A recent web study showed that 55% of people prefer video content to reading a website, and a full 79% preferred video and a website. WOW! For our video creation service, we will create and produce a professional marketing video of your business of up to two minutes long. The video can then be used on your website, and marketed on YouTube and Facebook. Additional videos can be produced that focuses on your various products and services.

Customer Email Capture and List Management

“The Money is in the List”. The list of customers and prospects, that is. Our customer email capture and list management service allows you to capture the names and email addresses of your interested website visitors. If you are not doing this you are throwing money down the drain! We will create and place a customized “Opt-in” form on your website, offering a free report to your prospects and website visitors, enticing them to sign up. We also create and write the special report, tailored to your business, along with 5 professionally written follow up emails. Our system is completely hands off and will overtime, automatically build you a customer list, that you can then email and market to your products, coupons, and specials.

Website Conversion Optimization

This service will tell you how best to optimize your website once a visitor is actually on your site. We determine what your call to action is (phone call, web form, etc.) and then do a thorough optimization of your site to increase your customer response. Often times simple changes can results in increases of 200% – 300% response rates. Using data from literally thousands of websites and analyzing the results, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Items that are typically optimized will be website content (copy), call to actions, colors and fonts to increase response rates, website layout, headlines, sub headlines, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), web buttons, images, trust logos, opt in forms, etc. After optimization you will usually see an increase of at least 50% response, and often times you can see double or triple your current response rates!

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click is where you actually pay per lead for web visitors by placing small text ads on other websites. This is fastest way to increase visitors to your website – and often it is extremely cost effective! We will research the best most profitable keywords to use for your business, then setup and pay per click campaign at the budget you set. All clicks and website traffic is monitored so you know and can track exactly how much each visitor and lead costs.

Press Release Service

Includes writing and releasing 3 press releases and broadcasting throughout the Internet to 187 sites. This will improve your businesses visibility, as can result in increased traffic. It also will assist with your search results ranking. This is a great way to drive business and customers to your website and get your message out there.

Internet Service

Does your business need Internet service? If so, we can help you get setup with the ISP in your area. Please contact us and we will match you with the best providers in your area.

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