Sales Training

Valuable Training Resources
Below you will find some terrific ways and tools you can use to contact and sell clients on local search, mobile websites, business websites, and mobile text marketing.
    • Make $200K Selling SMS Text Marketing

    This is from a guy in Florida that after one year is making over $200K per year only selling SMS Text Marketing services. He has complete training on how he does it and his methods. I have direct access to him if needed. Click to Download.
    • My First 6 SMS Clients

    A quick one pager how this guy got his first 6 sms clients. Note that he manages their SMS for them – a great way to make extra $ and upsell. Click to Download.
    • Giant Postcard

    This guy makes $5K per month part time selling advertising on a 9×12 postcard. There is an little known way to mail these postcards at prices lower than bulk – amazing. The postcards are 9×12 high glos full color uv coated both sides. Extremely high response rates. This is a great door opener and provides high ROI to local businesses. High repeat order rates. The full system is disclosed in this download. Click to Download.
    • Offline Barrier Breaker

    This is one of my favorite ways to get your foot in the door! This breaks down the barrier and gets you in contact with the business owner and gives them something of value, absolutely free. Essentially you ask them if you can post a video review of their business online. We post it and get it ranked on the 1st page of Google. You then show that to the business owner and voila! It opens many doors to sell them on the service. Click to Download.
    • Email Lead Gen

    A simple way to get customers via email. Very clever! Problem may be email is not as responsive anymore. However it’s worth a good look – may give us other ideas! Click to Download.
    • Linked In Leads

    This is a simple technique how to contact business owners via Linked In and turn them into paying customers by offering them a free website. Can be expanded to other products no doubt. This guy actually does this and shows his results. No cold calling.Click to Download.
    • Postcard With Clever Twist

    Very creative way to contact business owners using a postcard with their info on it. Easy and simple to create using a service. Nice response rate and no cold calling. Very clever. Click to Download.
    • Video Door Opener

    Kind of similiar to Offline Barrier Breaker above, this one might be a little better in that you are actually making a quick video about the business and posting it online. Interview the business owner and take some outside shots and then (optionally) get it listed on Google. Great door opener. Click to Download.
    • 1000 Day Offline

    OK, so that is a crazy title – but is what the guy who wrote this calls it. I LOVE this. It goes into great detail about offering SMS services to Auto Dealers and RE Agents. This is instand lead generation for them. The cool thing is how you sell them. Instead of cold calling, you create a video of one of their listings as a demo and email it to them. Very clever.
    Click to Download. After you check out the overview, you can login and view the videos which go into more detail: and password is minnesota.