Reputation Management

Is Reputation Management part of your marketing strategy?

Online reputation management is KEY to getting more leads online.

Local marketing has changed drastically in recent years. Now with the Internet, customer can Google about your business before selecting to buy from you.

How can Reputation Management help my business?

Since upwards of 89% of customers are reviewing businesses now before working with them, it’s imperative you have a good online reputation. With the power of the Internet, customers are now able to write anything they want, and post those reviews online for the world to see.

With our reputation management service, we monitor reviews, get more positive reviews, and get rid of negative reviews. We do it all for you – from setting up a review system, to getting reviews from your customers, to posting positive things about you online. That way you can do what you do best, which is run your business.

Things we do:

    • Install a review procedure to encourage honest reviews from customers
    • Provide a portal for you and your customers to post reviews online
    • Use our expertise to enhance the positive reviews and reduce the reach of any negative reviews
    • Monitor review sites such as Yelp, Insiderpages, and Google Plus Local pages for you
    • Monitor social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for you
    • We alert you of any bad reviews/comments anywhere on the Internet so you can respond
    • We create positive articles and videos about your business and post them online

What if don’t do anything about Reputation Management? 

Well unfortunately, not doing anything about your online reputation, your business will suffer. The real question is, How much business am I losing because of negative reviews? Well, we can answer that.

A study by Opinion Research showed that 83% of consumers say that reviews influence their purchase decisions. In the travel industry for example, people are 3 times more likely to book a hotel with a 5 star review than a 3 star review.

But it’s not just negative reviews that hurt – having no reviews, or a lack of positive reviews, also can hurt. If 83% of consumers are influenced by reviews, and you have no reviews or very few and your competitor 20 good to great reviews, who do you think they are going to choose? That is why we proactively work with you and your customers to get you positive reviews, because having no reviews can be just as bad.

But it doesn’t stop with review sites. What is important, is what is coming up in Google and other search engines, when a prospective customer looks up your business. In addition to reviews, there are other blog sites that could be talking about your site, there could be Facebook postings, and even video’s. So part of what we do is publish positive content about you in these mediums on the Internet. It creates a search page results filled with positive comments about your business. Essentially we are going on the offensive, to tell the world that you are a good company.

With Reputation Management, we do it all for you so you don’t have to.

Have questions about our Reputation Management service or have other questions? Please Contact us. Explore what the Local Search Company can do for your business!